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Prof. Anju Bhasin
Vice Chancellor
Cluster University of Jammu

I am delighted that you are considering applying to Cluster University of Jammu for Under Graduate(Hons), Post Graduate and Integrated Degree(Hons) study programmes. This is a New University established under the Srinagar and Jammu Act 2016. The Cluster University of Jammu is established under the initiative of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan), to create new universities through upgradation of existing colleges and conversion of colleges in a cluster. The Established Cluster University of Jammu aspires to be a transformative University with Five Constituent Colleges namely GGM Science College (as a lead college), Govt College for Women, Gandhi Nagar; MAM College; SPMR College of Commerce, Govt College of Education along with five P.G Schools viz School of Sciences; School of Social Sciences; School of Humanities and Liberal Arts; School of Engineering and Computer Technology and School of Teacher Education. The Cluster University of Jammu with the its five well established City colleges which are already having a long history of excellence for U.G Programmes within the Jammu Division and the newly established five schools catering to the Integrated U.G(Hons)-P.G(Hons) Programmes is truly a remarkable place, with expertise across a very wide range of disciplines, and the superb academic support that comes with membership of any of these Colleges and the P.G Schools. We aim at providing Global Education, carry out Global Research, and provide Global Learning platforms to students in all the programmes across all P.G schools/colleges.

In the short span of less than two months of establishing the university, we have been able offer you Six U.G (Hons) Programs and Eight P.G Programmes in different disciplines at different colleges and Eight new Integrated Hons U.G-P.G Programmes in select areas of technology, sciences, humanities, education and social sciences which are the selling point of the University in five different schools. In our University, we offer a flexible academic structure which enables students to choose their elective courses across the disciplines and departments. Curricula at the Cluster University of Jammu will be updated regularly which caters to the requirements of the market. Students will have the platform for productive cocurricular and healthy extracurricular activities. In addition, they will be involved in community and social welfare activities as well.

As an Under-graduate/Post-Graduate student here, you will be working with academic staff who are leaders in their fields; academics who are committed to seeing you succeed and will help you to develop your ideas, knowledge and understanding. Needless to say, at the Cluster University the prime focus will be on holistic development of students. With all these initiatives, a student graduating from this University will be enabled, empowered and equipped to face the global challenges with ease and comfort. Our graduates will be leaders of tomorrow, with all stellar qualities. I hope you will find on this website an inspiration to apply. We look forward to welcoming you at the university